Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some Random Goodies

I've picked up a few tricks I thought I'd share:

1) In a previous post I talk about sending messages and data sets to other users. The command requires you to know the node name of the system the recipient is on. You can find out what the node name is by going into SDSF and typing NODE on the command line.

2) From within SDSF, after you've run a job and you are reading the results, if you want to edit and or reissue the same JCL, you can do so from within SDSF. When you are looking at the job output, type SJ at the command field to access your job. From there you can edit and resubmit. Here are a few screen shots of what to put where:

3) Recalling migrated data sets can be a pain in the arse, especially when you need several of them to perform a particular task. If you want to recall a bunch of stuff at once, you can do so from within the ISPF data set listing (option 3.4) by typing HRECALL on the command field then = at every subsequent data set you want recalled. The equals sign tells ISPF that you want to repeat the previous command you've entered. Here's another screen shot that illustrates what I'm talking about.

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